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A Twilight Read-A-Long
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This community is a read-a-long for the twilight saga up until the Breaking Dawn release

Hello! Welcome to read_twilight, a Twilight Series book discussion community! We will be re-reading the Twilight Saga between May and August of 2008, a chapter a day until the much anticipated release of the final book of the saga, Breaking Dawn. If you'd like to join us in this awesome task, feel free to join the community, and prepare to read! Please also keep in mind we will be discussing the book chapter by chapter, not to mention ONLY that chapter for each day. We will not be discussing the movie, just the book. There are plenty of communities that discuss the books, so check those out for your Twilight movie needs! :)


read_twilight is brought to you by Ash/emmett, Madison/colourfullove and Mell/lovebuggin. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them at the designated question post which can be found here. We'd love to help you out. Also, if you'd like to affilaite, please direct that to the same post.

We only have a few rules, so please be sure to read them. Thank you.

1. As mentioned prior, we will only be discussing the BOOKS. No movie talk here, sorry!
2. Discussions within each post will be moderated. If we feel the thread is inappropriate it will be either deleted or frozen. Please try to keep discussions mature.
3. Everyone is, of course, entitled to their own opinion. Everyone should have respect for each other and their opinions. What fun is a community that is filled with drama? We are all here to discuss the books and wait for Breaking Dawn to be released. Let's just keep it friendly, please.
4. Don't troll, don't spam and don't attack people for their opinions. Don't insult the mods and don't make offensive comments. Remember this community is for fun! We all love Twilight or else we wouldn't be in this community. So be active, make new friends and have fun!


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